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Example of a Normal Transaction

For Accredited Investors 

Investing with CR Lending has been one of the best decisions we have made. It has allowed us to take an early retirement. Last year we made $74,681.07!!! We are on track this year to make over $90,000! And we don't have to do anything! They have delivered as promised since our first investment in 2009 which has allowed us to continually increase our investment with them.

  Dave and Gilda


I am so thankful that my father invested with Brent/CR Lending and introduced us! I have had nothing but the best experience and have always been paid on time. This is so much better than my money sitting in the bank and earning almost no interest. Brent's platform is safe, secure, and yields a high return.   

Karen P.

Here is some information about becoming a lender with CR Lending. As a funding partner (lender) with CR Lending, you will receive loan requests that meet your criteria for you to review and advise whether or not you would like to lend on it. We will confirm the closing date with you once the title company determines the transaction is ready to close.  Your money starts earning you 8% once funding is approved, your wire has been sent, and funds are disbursed by the title company. Our loans are a 6-month term with the option to extend every 3 months thereafter, a typical loan is usually out for 4-7 months. You may ask to be bought out at any time during the length of the loan.

The loan process and life cycle

  • A borrower or broker will apply for a loan on our website
  • CR Lending evaluates the subject property's current market value and other relevant data to determine if we will lend on it.
  • CR Lending loans up to 70% ARV (After Repair Value) on most single-family homes, and commercial property transactions, and up to 50% on raw land.
  • CR Lending will send loan opportunities for you to review and advise whether or not you would like to lend on it.
  • Standard loan documents along with a title policy are part of every transaction. All loan documents are drafted by our attorney and all loans close with an escrow officer/title company. (see an example of our loan documents attached)
  • Once a closing date has been determined you will be updated by CR Lending. On the closing day, you will wire the funds directly to the title company for funding and disbursement.
  • Our average loan is usually out for 4-7 months. The length of the loan is set at 6 months with the option for 3-month extensions after the original maturity date.
  • Upon loan payoff, you will receive the original loan amount back from the title company closing the loan, OR from CR Lending if the loan was a straight payoff. 
  • You may request to be bought out of the loan at any time.
  • Your 8% interest earned will be paid to you once a loan is paid off,  or you request a buyout. 

CR Lending has been a hard money lender since 2007. We currently lend in TX, TN, FL, and OK.

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